Courses – Fall 2022 / Science & Philosophy / WATER

Coordinators: Judy Weis, Pete Weis

Water. Something we interact with every day. We wash in it, cook with it, put our wastes into it, swim in it and travel in boats on it. In cold winter it freezes and we can skate or ski or sled on it. We shelter from it when it falls down from the sky. “Bad weather” usually involves it.

Too little of it and there’s a drought, too much and there’s a flood. Our bodies are mostly made of it. Lots of plants and animals live in it, and life in water is very different from life on land. It is also the subject of art, music and literature. All of these topics and more will be included in this course. Although it will be primarily science, we will include some art or music or literature topics each semester.

A WEEK / THURSDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Fall 2022 Class Schedule: Water




Sep 8

Brenda Wilder

Water: Unique and Vital

Sep 22 

Pete Weis

Water Supply

Oct 6

Judy Weis

Water Supply

Oct 20

Marion Schultheis


Nov 3

Caroline Thompson

Stormy Weather

Nov 17

Larry Shapiro

Water Music

Dec 8


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