Spring 2021 Schedule / Literature / FASCINATING NON-FICTION

Coordinators: Harriet Finkelstein, Bob Reiss

At each session, the presenter will tell you about a book you always wanted to read or about a book you never heard of but will be glad that you now have. Selections range from transit maps to Mt. Everest expeditions, American politics, Western women’s diaries, young Ernest Hemingway, black migration, the sinking of the Lusitania, Frank Sinatra, American restaurants, the evolution of mankind. Every semester an eclectic array of fascinating non-fiction awaits its audience.

B WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm

02/10Ruth WardThe system: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It,
by Robert Reich
Harriet Finkelstein
Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents,
by Isabel Wilkerson
03/10Michelle MackeyShoe Dog, by Phil Knight

Wayne Cotter

The Coup: 1953, The CIA and the Roots
of Modern U.S. – Iran Relations,
by Ervand Abraham

Bob Reiss

Saving Freedom: Truman, The Cold War,
and the Fight for Western Civilization,
by Joe Scarborough
04/28Jane LubinThe Soul of America, by Jon Meacham

Ellen Shapiro

Armies of Deliverance: A New History
of the Civil War,
by Elizabeth Varon

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