Fall 2021 Schedule / History / RISE AND FALL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE

Coordinators: Judy Hampson, Jennifer Jolly, Donna Ramer

At its zenith, Great Britain owned territories across the world and yet, during the 20th century, the empire started to crumble and now little of it is left. What happened?

We’ll talk about the key events that led to Britain’s worldwide dominance, such as the growth of her rule in India, the African colonies, Canada, Australia, the Americas, and the Middle East.

Then we’ll address the events that led to the fall of her once-great Empire, including social changes after World War II, Indian independence, the Suez crisis, the loss of African colonies, and so on.

What lessons can we learn from all of this today?

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 21

Judy Hampson

How it Began

October 5

Jennifer Jolly

The East India Company

October 19

Ellen Gottfried


November 2

Ilene Winkler

Sugar and Slavery

November 16

Brian Bosworth

South Africa

November 30

Donna Ramer, David Bartash


December 14

Bob Reiss

Opium Wars, Including Acquisition of Hong Kong

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