Fall 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues / AFRICAN CONTINENT

Coordinators: Ann Goerdt, Bob Gottfried, Bob Reiss

In the fall semester we will add to the information that we provided about Africa in the spring. As we present specific countries, including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tunisia, we will continue to address their history, economy, health, education, and social aspects. We will also present overviews of Africa that may focus on specific groups of countries as we address topics such as the relations between African countries and their former colonizers and the influence of China on the continent.

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 23

Toni Dickenson


October 7

David Bernard


October 21

Madeleine Brecher


November 4

Ann Goerdt              

Democratic Republic of the Congo     

November 18

Bob and Ellen Gottfried


December 2

Sandra Abramson          

Overview:  Origins of Neocolonialism with a focus on Ghana

December 16

Ann Goerdt 

Overview:  Africa’s  Future Development

Other Classes: