Fall 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues

These courses are offered by the Quest Lifelong Learning Community. For more information on Quest, see the links at the bottom of this page.


Coordinators: Ann Goerdt, Bob Gottfried, Bob Reiss

In the fall semester we will add to the information that we provided about Africa in the spring. As we present specific countries, including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tunisia, we will continue to address their history, economy, health, education, and social aspects. We will also present overviews of Africa that may focus on specific groups of countries as we address topics such as the relations between African countries and their former colonizers and the influence of China on the continent.


Coordinators: Stephen Baker, Pete Weis

Defining a nation-state and its subnational components requires physical delineation acknowledged by those within and beyond its geographic limits. Establishment of boundaries is vital, and borders and boundaries have often been a key component of history.


Coordinators: Arlynn Greenbaum, Bob Reiss, Estelle Selzer, Phyllis Weiss, Karen Levin

The bimonthly Guest Lecture Series enhances the Quest program experience by inviting recognized experts in their fields to present varied subjects. Past presentations have included discussions of global policy and political science, anthropology, literature, theater arts, social science, and music.


Coordinators: Bob Gottfried, Sandy Frank, Ellen Gottfried, Glenn Johnston

In this course we investigate worldwide issues. The presenters will select an issue of importance to discuss. There will be time for class discussion.


Coordinators: Michael Wellner, Bob Gottfried, David Judlowitz

It is not just a TV crime series; it’s a topic that has galvanized every segment of our society. Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, white supremacy, reparations for over 200 years of slavery, statues of Confederate leaders, crime in all its forms. What to do about the police? What’s happening in the courts? Guns, guns and more guns? Surveillance? Is justice available to all? America is divided internally about many of these matters. Join us as we discuss these subjects in depth.


Coordinators: Terri Hicks, Barbara Gordon, Bob Hartmann

This is an interactive discussion class in which both the coordinators and class members bring in short opinion pieces—editorials, op-ed articles, reviews, etc. A vote is taken on which pieces to discuss that day and individuals argue their views.


Coordinators: Joyce West, Steve Allen, Palma Mahl

Quest members have a wide diversity of interests and experiences. Each session is a chance to encounter something new or an encore of a talk that will be new to many members. As a presenter, you will have free rein to develop a subject otherwise not covered in the curriculum. As an audience member, you may find a fresh interest or learn more about a topic you always wondered about.


Coordinators: Diane Crothers, Barbara Barnes, Penelope Pi-Sunyer, Ilene Winkler

By reading and discussing historical and contemporary accounts of Black Lives, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of those lives and the current condition of all Americans. We will explore Black lives through readings on individuals, social and political movements, and other topics. Possible readings for this semester may include new books by Bettina Love, Eddie Glaude Jr., Martha S. Jones, Heather McGhee, Ibram X. Kendi, and Les Payne.