Courses / Contemporary Issues

These courses are offered by the Quest Lifelong Learning Community. For more information on Quest, see more details at the bottom of this page.


Coordinators: Arlynn Greenbaum, Arlene Hajinlian, Bob Reiss, Estelle Selzer

The bi-monthly Guest Lecture Series enhances the Quest program experience by inviting recognized experts in their fields to present varied subjects. Past presentations have included discussions of global policy and political science, anthropology, literature, theater arts, social science, and music.

B WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 2:00pm to 3:30pm


Coordinators: Phil Gisser, Sandra Abramson, Wayne Cotter, Patricia Stryker

The campaign for the U.S. presidency is going full blast and all of us are watching every twist and turn. At each session, we do a brief summary of recent campaign news. Then we move on to thought-provoking videos and featured speakers to look deeper into the election process and what’s behind campaign rhetoric. Your voices make every session exciting.

A WEEK / THURSDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm


Coordinators: Diane Crothers, Sheryl Harawitz, Diane Reynolds

The Rebellion is afoot and change begins with looking within ourselves and our role in society. Worldwide protests have called attention to systemic racism in American society which damages Black lives. All are welcome to join this exploration of the often unacknowledged ways white people participate in and benefit from systemic racism. All of us can choose to perpetuate or work to change these systems.

A WEEK / MONDAY / 12:30pm to 1:30pm


Coordinators: Bob Gottfried, Sandy Frank, Ellen Gottfried, Glenn Johnston

In this course we investigate worldwide issues. The presenters will select an issue of importance to discuss. There will be time for class discussion.

A WEEK / TUESDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm


Coordinators: Michael Wellner, Bob Gottfried, David Judlowitz

It is not just a TV crime series; it’s a topic which has galvanized virtually every segment of our society.  Black Lives Matter; Blue Lives Matter; White Supremacy; reparations for over 200 years of slavery; statues of Confederate leaders; crime in all its forms; what to do about the police; what’s happening in the courts?  Guns, guns and more guns? Surveillance?  Is justice available to all? America is divided internally about many of these matters. Join us as we discuss these subjects in depth, and see if we can come up with any solutions.

B WEEK / MONDAY / 2:00pm to 3:30pm


Coordinators: Barbara Gordon, Bob Hartmann, Terri Hicks

This is an interactive discussion class in which both the coordinators and class members bring in short opinion pieces—editorials, op-ed articles, reviews, etc. A vote is taken on which pieces to discuss that day and individuals argue their views.

B WEEK / THURSDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm


Coordinators: Sandra Abramson, Diane Reynolds

As the Women’s Movement that exploded in the 1960’s and has continued to today opened up opportunities for girls and women, it also provided opportunities for women’s voices to be heard.  We can see this in many forms — from music to books to art to the corporate boardrooms to the floors of legislatures and executive offices in governments all around the country.  We’ll listen to these voices and look at the impact they have had on life in America for everyone and for women in particular.  We’ll explore how class, race, sex, gender and ethnic diversity amplify, modulate and transform these voices.  Presentations will be held to 20-25 minutes and the remainder of the class will be open for attendees to talk about their personal experiences.

B WEEK / TUESDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm