Course Schedule – Fall 2024 / Contemporary Issues / UPHEAVAL IN AMERICAN VALUES

Coordinators: Michael Wellner, Maureen Berman, Terri Hicks

Each week’s class will focus on one (or more) different important social and political issues, including the all-important 2024 election, that have a major impact on the state of our country, and its future.

Discussion topics will include the US Constitution, the Supreme Court, changes in news reporting and the media in general, the impact of mobile phones on our children, social and income inequality, our immigration problem, free speech rights, the “woke” culture, our international relations, and, of course, politics.



Upheaval in American Values
Sep 11Maureen Berman, Michael WellnerReview of the Second Trump-Biden Debate; Overall Election Update
Sep 25Connie DiMariThe Unintended Consequences of Healthcare Legislation
Oct 09Debbi HonorofChanges in the American Workplace
Oct 23Steve AllenCurrent Election Polling and Predictions
Nov 06Maureen Berman, Terri Hicks, Michael WellnerReview of the Election Results
Nov 20TBD 
Dec 11TBD 

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