Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / Workshop

These are meetings in which a small group of people engage in intensive discussions and activities on particular subjects or projects, like creative writing, acting, and poetry.

The workshops listed below are currently offered at Quest.

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Coordinators: Roy Clary, Art Spar

This semester, class members engage in theater games, dramatic monologues, and scene study. At the end of the Spring Semester, members put on a production using the tools they have learned.


Coordinators: Helen Saffran, Judy Hampson, Donna Ramer

Workshop your writing in a warm and supportive setting. We welcome all genres, from prose and poetry to script writing, fiction, even op-eds. Participate in class writing exercises and discuss writing approaches and styles.


Coordinators: Judy Winn, Judy Hampson, Helen Saffran

The focus is on reading aloud and sharing your own poems in a supportive environment, where you’ll get detailed feedback.