Quest Courses – Fall 2023 / Workshops

These are meetings in which a small group of people engage in intensive discussions and activities on particular subjects or projects, like creative writing, acting, and poetry.

The workshops listed below are currently offered at Quest.

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Coordinators: Roy Clary, Panny Mitchel, Art Spar

The class performs theater exercises and improvisations. Members also work on monologues and scenes.


Coordinators: Helen Saffran, Judy Hampson, Donna Ramer

Creative Writing offers both in-class exercises and an opportunity to share your prose, poetry, plays and essays written at home for comment and critique in a congenial atmosphere.


Coordinators: Judy Winn, Judy Hampson, Helen Saffran

This workshop provides an opportunity to express your thoughts through the creative act of writing poems. You do not need prior experience in this medium.