Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not included in this list, then contact us.

What about transportation to Quest?

Located in the Lower Broadway-Wall Street area most buses, trains and ferries stop within a few blocks of our campus. Click here for more information.

And if I drive?

Considering the traffic in that area we suggest you don’t drive. But if you must there are public parking lots within a block or two of 25 Broadway. Warning: they are expensive!

What are the special advantages of Quest?

In most other educational programs, members are limited to a few classes. At Quest you can take as many as you wish from our offering of over 35 courses. There is always time for discussion and participation by attendees.

Can I switch classes during a semester?

Of course. Registration is not required for any class.

Are there any other benefits I should know about?

When you become a member of Quest, you will receive a CCNY/CWE/QUEST PHOTO ID card, which will entitle you to free admission to the Whitney Museum of American Art. You may also get free admission or discounts at other cultural institutions and commercial establishments if they accept it as a student ID. Also, the card can be used as an ID for other schools in the CUNY network such as Hunter, Lehman College, Brooklyn College, the CUNY Graduate Center and others.

What topics are offered?

Each semester, Quest offers over 35 diverse courses in a variety of disciplines including: literature; creative arts with classes in poetry, creative writing, acting; history and government, science and tech, and contemporary/sociological Issues.

You refer to 35 courses. Are they held once a week?

No. We break it down to two blocks of courses; approximately 20 courses are held during the “A” week and 20 completely different courses are scheduled for our “B” week so that each course is held every other week.


Do you have prerequisites or exams?

No, there are no prerequisites (including age restrictions), no exams, and no grades. There is no degree granted, just the joy of learning for pure pleasure — and the spirit of friendship and and camaraderie developed through lifelong learning.

How many members does Quest have, and what is their average age?

We have roughly to 240 members from the New York Metro area. Our members range in age from their early 60s to 90+ years old. The average member is in his/her 70s.

I still work part-time. Would this program be right for me?

Quest has many people who work part-time and attend classes as it suits their schedule.

I travel in the winter. Is there a reduced rate?

In our 25 years, we have raised tuition only twice, from $450 to $500 and from $500 to the current $550. We feel that is a reasonable price and allows members the opportunity to attend classes before and/or after your travels begin.

What if I just want to try Quest out?

We invite you to spend a full day with us. However due to building security issues, you must call or email for a reservation. You will sit in on an orientation, meet our members and from 10:30 to 12 noon, sit in on a class in the morning, then join us for lunch in our lunchroom,  where everyone brings their own sandwich or salad. We provide free coffee and tea. Finish the day with a choice of one of two afternoon classes finishing at 2:30 pm. Click here for more information.

When does Quest break for intersession?

Our fall semester begins in early September and ends in mid-December. There are no classes during our intersession in January. Our spring semester begins during the first week in February and ends in late May. There is a one week spring intercession that coincides with Easter and Passover. Our summer program schedules one class on Tuesday and one class on Thursday morning beginning in early June and ending eight weeks later. There are no classes in August.

Do I have to join at the beginning of the semester?

You may join at any time during the semester.

How much is membership and what does it include?

Membership for the year is $550 and includes participation in three semesters: fall from September-December; spring from February-May; and summer: June-July. If you first join in the spring, tuition will be $375 for your first year, ending in July, or $250 if you join after March 15.

Can I join for just the summer?

You can enroll in our eight week summer session and the cost is only $100.

Q17: How can I get a catalog that further describes the different courses along with starting and ending times?

Just click here to view or download a copy of the catalog.

How do I register?

Registration is easy. Call us for an appointment and join us for the day. A member of the Membership Committee will escort you around for that day. If you decide you would like to enroll we can usually complete all paperwork at that time. Click here for more information.


What about a Gift Membership? (Great for Father’s or Mother’s Day!)

Of course! Call our office at 212-925-6625 extension 229 and a member of our Membership Committee will give you all the details.

What if I cannot attend one or more sessions? Does that alter my ability to register?

Most members of QUEST have reasons that come up during the year for having to miss various sessions. Doctors’ appointments seem to be the most common reason. We ask you to come to class whenever you see a course that interests you.