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Quest Lifelong Learning Community - Continuing Education for Seniors in NYC

Quest is based on a peer learning model through which members teach members through a large array of courses and classes. Quest also organizes a wide range of social and cultural activities that take place outside of the class environment including Quest museum tours, a series of distinguished guest lectures, and the opportunity to vacation with fellow members through Quest’s travel program.

NOTE: Classes will be held online during the spring 2021 semester due to concerns about the Coronavirus. During this period, most social and cultural activities are being conducted virtually, using an online meeting system, and travel has been temporarily suspended.

Get a preview of what the Quest online learning experience is all about by watching the short (eight minute) video below.

You will find Quest to be very welcoming. Members will meet with you to help you decide whether Quest meets your needs. Quest people will also help you explore how you can best contribute to the organization. At Quest, members have a dual role — audience and participant. The life of our organization depends on active member participation. And that is good news. Participation is the best way to get to know fellow members.

Learn more about Quest by clicking on the icons below.


If you are retired or working part time and interested in participating in a friendly and diverse learning community in the New York City area, Quest Lifelong Learning Community may be perfect for you.

Contact the Webmaster.

The principal activity of QUEST is the selection, organization and teaching of a wide variety of courses.

see our classes