Quest Website

Quest Distinguished Guest Speaker Al Franken  confers with  long-time Quest member Bob Reiss.

The Quest website is designed, developed, and maintained exclusively by Quest members, although the QuestOnLine WordPress theme was initially created by a web design company.

This website is built using only open source materials (i.e., freeware), including WordPress, SQL, HTML, and PHP.

This is an actively changing website which contains new content added on a regular basis, while old content is moderated and changed as needed. All site content is updated constantly to reflect events and changes in the organization’s curriculum. Each semester the course schedule and all course pages are completely revised.

Website work entails not just technical expertise in website design and development, but also encompasses graphic design and layout, creative writing, and photography and image processing.

Key traits for web developers are a keen interest in technology, computer literacy, basic numeracy, attention to detail, and an abiding interest in problem solving. We are constantly seeking website help.