Spring 2021 Schedule / Literature / CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP

Coordinators: Hilda Feinstein, Donna Ramer, Helen Saffran

“The room was dark except for the flow of the computer on the marble table in the center of the foyer. She didn’t turn on the lights, just walked to the blinking cursor and before following its directive to click ‘enter’, saw the dozen vases of all sizes, each filled with a dozen roses. The custom yellow and white striped ceramic with a combination of yellow and white miniatures and the hand-carved mahogany with the lavender Blue Moons brought tears to her eyes. She took a deep breath, the fragrance overwhelming her, and turned back to the computer screen. She knew what she would hear when she hit “enter” and was not disappointed when the room filled with the etude he composed for her. She knew he was there, hoping to return to a life that was long over for her…”

By Donna Ramer

Workshop your writing in a warm and supportive setting. We welcome all genres, from prose and poetry to script writing, fiction, even op-eds. Participate in class writing exercises and discuss writing approaches and styles.

A WEEK / TUESDAY / 2:00pm to 4:00pm

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