Course Schedule – Fall 2024 / Contemporary Issues / DISTINGUISHED GUEST LECTURE SERIES

Coordinators: Arlynn Greenbaum, Bob Reiss, Karen Levin, Estelle Selzer

This bimonthly Guest Lecture Series enhances the Quest program experience by inviting recognized experts in their fields to present on varied subjects.

Past presentations have included discussions of global policy and political science, literature, theater arts, social science, and music.

B WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Sep 11Sabeeha Rehman, Walter RubyAuthors of We Refuse to Be Enemies
Sep 25Ross PerlinAuthor of Language City
Oct 09Adam NagourneyAuthor of The Times
Oct 23Simon WinchesterAuthor of Knowing What We Know, Kenneth Leedom/Peter Cott Memorial Speaker
Nov 06Annette InsdorfAuthor of Cinematic Overtures
Nov 20No ClassQuest General Meeting Today
Dec 11Margalit FoxAuthor of The Talented Mrs. Mandelbaum: The Rise and Fall of an American Organized Crime Boss

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