Fall 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues / DISTINGUISHED GUEST LECTURE SERIES

Coordinators: Arlynn Greenbaum, Bob Reiss, Estelle Selzer, Phyllis Weiss, Karen Levin

The bimonthly Guest Lecture Series enhances the Quest program experience by inviting recognized experts in their fields to present varied subjects. Past presentations have included discussions of global policy and political science, anthropology, literature, theater arts, social science, and music.

Arlynn Greenbaum, Bob Reiss, Estelle Selzer, and Phyllis Weiss are pleased to announce the following roster of guest speakers for next semester:

Fall 2021 Schedule of Distinguished Guest Lectures


Philip Lopate

"My Love Affair With the Essay."


Musa Mayer

Daughter of artist Philip Guston, on his life and work.


Adam Gitzitz

Author of The Inquisitor’s Tale.


Fran Lebowitz

(Memorial Lecturer) Social commentator and star of Netflix’s Pretend It’s A City.


Janice Nimura

Author of The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women.


Dr. Howard Rosenbaum

Of the Wildlife Conservation Society on The Whales

of New York:  A New Tale.


Maaza Mengiste

Author of The Shadow King.

Several of these speakers were suggested by our members. Please feel free to
send us your suggestions for next spring.

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