COURSES Fall 2022 / History

The courses listed below, all in the general area of history, are currently offered by the Quest Lifelong Learning Community. Click on a title to view the related course page.


Coordinators: Andrea Irvine, David Bartash, Marion Schultheis

Tucked away in the bottom of the world, isolated for tens of thousands of years, Australia stands unique in the world in so many ways. In this course we will explore the history, geography, culture and wildlife that make this place so singular.


Coordinators: Michael Wellner, Ellen Gottfried, Bob Gottfried

It’s safe to say that every single one of us at Quest remembers the Fifties pretty clearly. If there is any single word that describes that decade it’s transformative.


Coordinators: Caroline Thompson, Steve Allen

The German people have a long and complex history that has had a profound impact, both good and bad, on all of Europe and on the world. This three-term course examines this political, religious, and cultural history from the time of The Holy Roman Empire in 800 CE up to the current day.


Coordinators: Paul Golomb, Sandra Abramson

New York City is a tapestry. It is a 400-year development entailing subsequent waves of immigration and architectural styles. The course will focus in each session on a definitive neighborhood, describing its history, architectural and topographic features, significant landmarks, course of development and its contribution to the City as a whole.


Coordinators: Stephen R. Baker, Pete Weis

The history of Russia, a country encompassing one sixth of the land on our planet, has been in large measure molded by the exigencies of its geography and influenced more by its rivers than its mountains


Coordinators: Ann Goerdt, Bob Gottfried, Ellen Gottfried

Search for a map of the Near, or Middle East and you will not find a consistent set of countries. In this course, we will discuss the countries that are geographically east of the Mediterranean Sea, thus eliminating the countries of North Africa.