Course Schedule – Fall 2023 / History and Philosophy / EXPLORATIONS IN PHILOSOPHY AND LITERATURE

Coordinators: Larry Shapiro, Steve Allen

For each session, we will read an essay, classic short story, or excerpt from a play.

Each reading is selected for the stimulating ideas that it presents and its insights into social relations and human nature, promoting lively and enlightening discussions.

B WEEK / THURSDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Sep 14Larry ShapiroA Peopled Wilderness (Martha Nussbaum and others on our obligation to wild animals)
Sep 28Steve Allen What do we do with the art of monstrous men? (Claire Dederer & others)
Oct 12Larry ShapiroThe Fire of Life (Richard Rorty) and Writing and the Threshold Life (Jane Hirshfield)—instructions for old age from poets?
Oct 26Steve AllenTBD
Non 09Larry Shapiro Should we bring animals back from extinction?
Nov 30Steve AllenTBD
Dec 14Larry ShapiroGooseberries, (Anton Chekhov)


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