Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / History and Philosophy / NYC NEIGHBORHOODS

Coordinators: Paul Golomb, Bob Reiss

New York City is a tapestry. It is a 400-year development entailing subsequent waves of immigration and architectural styles. We will focus in each session on a definitive neighborhood, describing its history, architectural and topographic features, significant landmarks, course of development, and its contribution to the City as a whole.

Where possible, walking tours will be scheduled.


B WEEK / THURSDAY / 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

NYC Neighborhoods, Spring 2023




Feb 16

Ilene Winkler

East Village

Mar 02

Ethel Sheffer

Upper East Side

Mar 16

Susan Diehl


Mar 30

Michele Mackey

Grand Concourse

Apr 20

Judy Weis

Coney Island

May 04

Madeleine Brecher

Forest Hills

May 18

Sheryl Harawitz


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