Spring 2022 Courses / Visual and Performing Arts / INDIE FILMS

Coordinators: Howard Salik, Marian Friedmann, Bobbie Gold, Brenda Zusman

For Quester’s who love the movies, “Indie Films” is a perfect fit. We will ask you to recommend films, accessible in a theater or online, that you believe will stimulate a robust discussion. Coordinators will select three of those films for class discussion.

At least ten days before our class session, we’ll inform the membership where the film is available, including theatre and/or link to online streaming service, and the cost (if any).

In class, we’ll run a short interview featuring the director’s point of view before we initiate a discussion.

This class will be Zoom only for the spring.

A WEEK / WED / 2:00pm to 3:30pm

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