Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / Art and Music / CLASSICAL MUSIC

Coordinators: Sol Makon, Bob Reiss

Classical music’s evolution has been consistently linked to the social and political environment that existed at the time.

In this course we examine different facets of classical music, including the development of different genres and styles, and the composers who systematically embraced the music’s potential.

Members’ presentations will provide the framework for gaining valuable insights into, and further appreciation of, classical music.


B WEEK / MONDAY / 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Classical Music, Spring 2023




Feb 13

Lincoln's Birthday

No Class

Feb 27

Arlene Hajinlian

Classical  Music-the Who, What, Where, When & How

Mar 13

Penelope Pi-Sunyer

Opera, oratorio, mass, concerto.  What makes  them all Baroque?

Mar 27

Sol Makon

Evolution of the String Quartet—Classical Period (1750-1830)

Apr 17

Peter Dichter

Banned Music

May 01

Sol Makon

Evolution of the String Quartet—Romantic Period (1830-1900)

May 15

Sandy Gordon

Arnold Schoenberg:  Redefining the Course of 20th Century Music

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