Fall 2021 Schedule / Science & Philosophy / READING THE RABBIS

Coordinators: Paul Golomb, Bob Reiss

The Talmud is the opus magnum of Judaism as we understand it today. It is a massive work – over 2700 folio pages – representing more than 600 years of comprehensive Jewish thought. The course will introduce the world of Talmud and engage in a close reading of selected texts on such topics as authority, women, the land of Israel, and Jewish relations with non-Jews, particularly Christians.

The topics for the final four sessions are tentative and subject to change according to the interests of the class.

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 15

Paul Golomb

What is Talmud? Who are "the Rabbis?" What is Oral Torah?

September 29

Paul Golomb

Written versus Oral Torah: A Case Study

October 13

Paul Golomb

And God Created Woman - What Happened in the Garden?

October 27

Paul Golomb

Jews and Pagans - The Noahide Commandments

November 10

Paul Golomb

Jews and Christians - R. Meir and Elisha ben Abuya

December 8

Paul Golomb

Who's in Charge - R. Eliezer and the Oven

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