Fall 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues / FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Coordinators: Bob Gottfried, Sandy Frank, Ellen Gottfried, Glenn Johnston

In this course we investigate worldwide issues. The presenters will select an issue of importance to discuss. There will be time for class discussion.

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 14

Ellen Gottfried

Too Many Girls, Not Enough Women

September 28

David Judlowitz

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

October 12

Paul Golomb

Why is This Nation Different from All Other Nations: The Enigma of Israel

October 26

June Zaccone

What Happened to Russia? From Gorbachev and Collapse to Putin

November 9

Judy Hampson

Tony Blair

November 23

Bob Gottfried


December 7

Brian Bosworth


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