Spring 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues / FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Coordinators: Bob Gottfried, Sandy Frank, Ellen Gottfried, Glenn Johnston

In this course we investigate worldwide issues. The presenters will select an issue of importance to discuss. There will be time for class discussion.

A WEEK / TUESDAY / 10:30am to 12:00pm

02/02Ellen GottfriedUgly American: U.S. Intervention in Other
Countries’ Governments
02/16June ZacconeThe Rise of the Global Right
03/02Bob ReissThe China Challenge After 2020: Competition
Without Catastrophe
03/16Bob GottfriedNATO: its History and is it Still Needed?
04/06Rick SalterDisinformation Strategies and Campaigns
04/20Michael WellnerBoris Johnson
05/04Marian FriedmannThe Art of the Steal: The Return and
Restitution of Art, Antiques, and Treasures

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