Courses – Fall 2022 / Contemporary Issues / BLACK WOMEN’S VOICES

Coordinators: Ilene Winkler, Barbara Barnes, Susannah Falk Lewis, Penelope Pi-Sunyer

This course discusses a wide range of works by Black women—novels, memoirs, essays, and art. In the past we have presented classes on bell hooks, Faith Ringgold, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Nikole Hannah-Jones.

We look forward to continuing our explorations of major themes in the history and lives of Black women while expanding to include music, ranging from classical to jazz and folk music.

B WEEK / TUESDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Fall 2022 Class Schedule: Black Women's Voices




Sep 13

Ellie Schaffer

Ella Fitzgerald

Sep 27 

Rosh Hashanah - No Classes

Oct 11

Susannah Falk Lewis and Laura Lopez 

Stacy Abrams and Voter Surpression (Joint Class with Law and Order)

Oct 25

Ilene Winkler

Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Life

Nov 8

Sheryl Harawitz

Frances Harper

Nov 29


Dec 13

Barbara Barnes

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Other Classes: