Course Schedule – Fall 2024 / Old Courses / READING EDITH WHARTON

Coordinators: Patricia Geehr, Arlene Curinga

We will read The Custom of the Country, published in 1913 after The House of Mirth (1905) and before The Age of Innocence (1920).

All three novels, set in the 19th century, portray the leisure-class of fashionable New York City with its virtues and its failings.

Willful and petulant Undine Spragg who “wants everything” is the novel’s heroine and studies countless customs related to conduct, speech, and attitude in her quest to excel. Yet, no matter her initiative and drive, Undine lives in an age that stifles women’s lives as is the custom of the country.

A WEEK / TUESDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

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