Course Schedule – Fall 2024 / Old Courses / LITERARY HEROINES

Coordinators: Bryn Meehan, Sheryl Harawitz, Lois Klein

Why have some female characters stayed with us long after the last page? Do we still admire them? We’ll revisit favorite literary characters from our early reading years, for example, Nancy Drew and Scout Finch.

Discussions will be based on excerpts, stories, novels, films, and articles available in advance of class meetings. Some classes may be thematic, such as “female detectives” or “Elizabethan heroines,” while others will focus on a single character. Discussions will include reflections from our own lives as well as thought-provoking questions concerning the heroic, touching on issues of culture, ethnicity, and gender.

B WEEK / WED / 10:30am to 12:00 pm

Other Classes: