Quest Courses – Fall 2023 / History and Philosophy / SIXTIES

Coordinators: Richard Byrd, Paul Golomb, Diane Reynolds

The 1960s were a time of metamorphosis in U.S. history. The citizenry’s perception changed; African-Americans looked beyond the narrow corridor of civil rights. Women and gays refused to allow themselves to be marginalized any longer. The Vietnam War questioned the entire Military Industrial Complex.

As we delve further into the Sixties the course will include the people, places, and events, which helped define this era. Presenters will have the optionto choose a topic which they feel exemplifies this period in U.S.

We will cover issues that reflect the tenor of the times and the various organizations like The Black Panther Party, The Young Lords, The Weathermen, The Republic of New Africa, The American Indian Movement, the gay liberation movement, etc. We will also discuss individuals such as Angela Davis, George Jackson, Abbie Hoffmanand Radical attorneys such as William Kunstler.


B WEEK / MONDAY / 1:00 – 2:30

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