Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / Literature / TONI MORRISON: THE LEGEND

Coordinators: Donna Ramer, Sheryl Harawitz, Tamara Weinberg

What makes a legend?

Medal of Freedom.
Presidential Medal of Freedom.

For Toni Morrison, it’s prolific writing and lecturing with grace and equanimity to educate us about racial issues and civil rights.

Through her essays and short stories, we’ll debunk the myths about her and discuss her impact on the global community and, more importantly, each of us as an individual.

B WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 10:30 – 12:00 PM

Toni Morrison, Spring 2023




Feb 15

Penelope Pi-Sunyer,  Donna Ramer

Intro to Toni Morrison

Mar 01

Lois Cardillo

Five Poems

Mar 015

Sheryl Harawitz

The Role Ancesters in Morrison's books

Mar 29

Mary Ann Donnelly


Apr 19

Jennifer Jolly 

Role of Men

May 03

Joyce Hinote


May 17

Judy Hampson, Tamara Weinberg

Children's Books

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