Fall 2021 Schedule / Contemporary Issues / BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES

Coordinators: Stephen Baker, Pete Weis

Defining a nation-state and its subnational components requires physical delineation acknowledged by those within and beyond its geographic limits. Establishment of boundaries is vital, and borders and boundaries have often been a key component of history.

This course will discuss boundary formation for our 13 original states and for newer states in which boundaries were formulated before non-indigenous populations settled in them. Then, we will discuss our national borders and the problems engendered by COVID restrictions. Next, we will present pertinent historical and contemporary boundary issues in a survey of examples from all continents. Finally, we will consider map lines delineating seas and oceans for their emerging ecological significance.

All classes are presented by Stephen Baker.

Class Dates and Titles

September 20

Demarcating the Seven Original StatesEstablishing the Boundaries of Each Post-1776 Continental State

October 4 

Establishing the Boundaries of Each Post-1776 Continental State

October 18

Defining Borders of the United States vis-a-vis Texas, Spanish America, Mexico, and Canada

November 1

Border Issues and Resolutions in Latin America and Africa

November 15 

Intricacies of Boundary Conflicts in Europe, Past and Present    

November 29 

Asian Borders: Interplay of the United Kingdom, India, Russia, and China  

December 13 

Borders in the Water, on Ice, and in the Air

Other Classes: