Fall 2021 Schedule / Literature / MYTHOLOGY

Coordinators: Donna Ramer, Sheryl Harawitz, Mary Ann Donnelly

Myths are more than mere stories, they are sacred, timeless tales that guide us to understand how cultural norms and values were established.

As mere mortals, we will first delve into the psychology of mythology then look through the eyes of the Titans, Tricksters, and Warrior Gods; Mother Gods; the Gods of Sensuality, Nature, Luck, Underworld and Afterlife; as well as myriad other gods and goddesses of cultures around the world.

Fall 2021 Class Schedule

September 21

Donna Ramer

The Psychology of Mythology

October 5

Sheryl Harawitz and Ellen Shapiro

Creation Gods of Africa, Sumeria, and China

October 19

Jennifer Jolly

Sex and Sensuality

November 2

Wayne Cotter and Art Spar

Warrior Gods

November 16

Judy Hampson

Trickster Gods and Goddesses

November 30

Debbie Golomb

Mother Gods

December 14

Mary Ann Donnelly

Gods of Death and Darkness

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