Course Schedule – Spring 2024 / Old Courses / THE NEAR EAST

Coordinators: Ann Goerdt, Bob Gottfried, Ellen Gottfried

Search for a map of the Near, or Middle East and you will not find a consistent set of countries. In this course, we discuss the countries that are geographically east of the Mediterranean Sea, thus eliminating the countries of North Africa.

The Middle East to be presented is a conglomeration of countries that in most cases have some degree of shared history. Nonetheless, they vary a great deal today in terms of their development, prosperity of citizens, and role on the world stage. For each country addressed, we provide some history, so that you better understand its current level of development, the major issues it is dealing with today, and how it interacts with and affects the larger region of the Middle East…and perhaps the world.

B WEEK / MONDAY / 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

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