Spring 2022 Courses / History / HISTORY OF GERMANY

Coordinators: Caroline Thompson, Steve Allen

The German people have a complex history that has had a profound impact, both good and bad, on all of Europe and the world. This three term-course will examine Germany’s political, religious, and cultural history from The Holy Roman Empire in 800 CE up to today.

Politically, we’ll focus on influential statesmen such as Frederick the Great and Bismarck and major events such as The Thirty Years War, the impact of Napoleon, and German unification. Religious history will focus on the impact of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

Culturally, we’ll examine German music, art, science, philosophy, and literature and periods such as fin-de-siecle Vienna and between-the-wars Weimar. Finally, we’ll look at the 20th Century, covering topics such as the life of the civilian population during the Nazi regime and the impact of the Berlin Wall and German reunification.

A WEEK / MON/ 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Spring 2022 Class Schedule: History of Germany




Jan 31

Steve Allen

Holy Roman Empire up to 1500

Feb 14

Jane Lubin and Steve Allen

Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation

Feb 28

Caroline Thompson and Steve Allen

1600s & the Thirty Years War          

Mar 14

Caroline Thompson and Steve Allen

1700s & Frederick the Great

Mar 28

Larry Shapiro


Apr 11

Caroline Thompson

1800 – 1848 & the impact of Napoleon

May 02

Steve Allen

Cultural history 1500 – 1800

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