Courses – Fall 2022 / Literature / SHAKESPEARE

Coordinators: Roy Clary, Jim Brook

The class will read aloud and discuss the play Richard II.

Richard II is the first play of a series of four plays that chronicle the rise of the house of Lancaster to the British throne, the others being the two parts of Henry IV and Henry V. It marks a triad with Romeo and Juliet, a lyrical tragedy, and A Midsummer NIght’s Dream, the most lyrical of all comedies.

Richard is not a good king, but is a remarkable poet. The Folger Library Edition is the preferred text.

A WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Fall 2022 Class Schedule: History of Germany




Sep 7

Caroline Thompson

Bismarck & the Unification of Germany

Sep 21 

Linda Downs

Nineteenth Century German Art and Architecture

Oct 5

Yom Kippur - No Classes

Oct 19

David Grossman

Reason and Romanticism in Nineteenth Century German Culture

Nov 2

Linda Downs

Twentieth Century German Art and Architecture

Nov 16

Steve Allen

Fin de Siecle Vienna

Dec 7

David Grossman

German Contributions to the Social Sciences and Industry

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