Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / Performing Arts / GREAT PLAYS

Coordinators: Roy Clary, Wayne Cotter, Frieda Lipp

Important American and European plays are presented. Each session begins with a brief biography of the playwright followed by a “staged reading” of the play.

The audience is encouraged to share their insights.


B WEEK / MONDAY / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Great Plays, Spring 2023




Feb 13

Lincoln's Birthday

No Classes

Feb 27

Roy Clary, Wayne Cotter

A Video about Tennessee Williams

Mar 13

Frieda Lipp, Roy Clary

Reading from Works by Alan Bennett and an exploration of Shakespeare's "Bad Boys"

Mar 27

Wayne Cotter

Apple Family Plays

Apr 17

Roy Clary; Cast: Peter Dichter, John Speigel

Address Unknown

May 01

Gloria Peropat; Cast: R. Hartmann, J. Jacobson, L. Leventon, G. Peropat, 

Three Plays: Prague Summer by Rick Oriaff, Book of Life by Judy Klass, A New Me by Rick Rubin

May 15

 Actor Workshop 

The Laramie Project

Other Classes: