Quest Courses – Spring 2023 / Performing Arts / CLASSIC MOVIES

Coordinators: Howard Salik, Marian Friedmann, Bobbie Gold, Vince Grosso

Get ready to explore some of the very best movies of all time. Whether you’re a highly cine-literate film enthusiast or a casual fan, these are the movies everyone should see at least once, or maybe more.

Each presenter will choose from among the top 100 Hollywood and foreign films — dramas, comedies, thrillers, action, horror, sci-fi, and romance. They are all available online and across major streaming platforms.

We will consider their artistic merit, how well they’ve aged, re-watchability, and ask the question, “Could a movie like this be made today?”


A WEEK / WEDNESDAY / 1:00 – 2:30 PM


Quest Classic Movies, Spring 2023




Feb 08

Howard Salik, Bobbie Gold, Vince Grosso

2001:  A Space Odyssey, The African Queen, The Best Years of our Lives

Feb 22

Howard Salik, Bobbie Gold, Vince Grosso

 Lawrence of Arabia, Goodfellas, High Noon

Mar 08

Sandy Frank, Arlene Hajinlian, Lois Cardillo

 To Kill a Mockingbird, Now Voyager, Sunset Blvd

Mar 22

Bob Gottfried, Kathy Cook, David Judlowitz

 The Godfather, The Wizard of Oz, The Deerhunter

Apr 12

Tamara Weinberg, Ruth Kovner, Arlynn Greenbaum

 Rear Window, All The Presidents Men, Gentlemen's Agreement

Apr 26

 Stan Lieblein, Karen Levin, Steve Koenig

 Pride of the Yankees, On the Waterfront, Do The Right  Thing

May 10

 Hedy Shulman, Michele Mackey, Gale Spitalnik

 Sophie's Choice, The Apartment, In The Heat of the Night

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