Courses – Fall 2022 / Visual and Performing Arts / ARTISTS AND THEIR WORK

Coordinators: Linda Downs, Lynnel Garabedian, Bob Reiss, Ellen Shapiro

“Artists and Their Work” is an art history course that explores the lives and work of artists throughout the world.

The course prompts discussion of style, meaning, media, and aesthetics as well as philosophical, social, and political issues, including public reception and lasting influence of the work under consideration.

The 2022 fall semester will be devoted to photography from Louis Daguerre (1787–1851) to Annie Leibovitz (1949 – ).


B WEEK / TUESDAY / 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Fall 2022 Class Schedule: Artist and their Work




Sep 13

Ellen Shapiro

Helen Levitt and Bob Adelman

Sep 27 

Rosh Hashanah - No Classes

Oct 11

Lynnel Garabedian

Dorothea Lange and Diane Arbus

Oct 25

Sandy Gordon

Lee Miller

Nov 8

Wayne Cotter

Weegee (Arthur Felig)

Nov 29

Andrea Irvine

Gregory Crewdson

Dec 13

Bob Reiss

The Captured New York (in Photographs)

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