Quest Learning Community

A communal learning experience for adults
designed to expand one's intellectual and social world.


The principal activity of QUEST is the selection, organization and teaching of

a wide variety of courses. Classes run for both Fall (September to mid-

December) and Spring (February to mid-May) terms, and there is an eight-

week Summer session that runs in June and July, with just one class offered

on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 10:30 a.m. until Noon.


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Distinguished Guest Lecturer Program for Fall, 2019:

September 11 Rosemary Novellino-Mearns, author of SAVING RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL.

September 25 Dawn Raffel, author of THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. COURNEY.

October 23 Colum McCann, author of LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN, National Book Award winner.

November 20 John Reddick on Ragtime to Jazz: Harlem’s Black and Jewish Music Culture.

December 4 Jamie Bernstein, author of FAMOUS FATHER GIRL.


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