Quest Learning Community

A communal learning experience for adults
designed to expand one's intellectual and social world.


The principal activity of QUEST is the selection, organization and teaching of

a wide variety of courses. Classes run for both Fall (September to mid-

December) and Spring (February to mid-May) terms, and there is an eight-

week Summer session that runs in June and July, with just one class offered

on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 10:30 a.m. until Noon.


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Guest lectures for the Fall 2018 term:

September 12 — “Dyin’ For It,” a staged reading of an Irish comedy by Derek



September 26 — Kory Stamper, author of WORD FOR WORD: The Secret Life

of Dictionaries.


October 10 — Jessica Genick of Show Scores on the making of the Broadway

hit musical, COME FROM AWAY.


October 24 — Patricia Goldstone, author of INTERLOCK: Art, Conspiracy and

the Shadow Worlds of Mark Lombardi.


December 5 — Nancy Rubin Stuart, author of DEFIANT BRIDES, about two

Revolutionary-era women who married radical men, Benedict Arnold and

Henry Knox.


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