Spring 2022 Courses / Science & Philosophy / SCIENCE AND SCIENTISTS

Coordinators: Steve Allen, Jim Brook, Marion Schultheis, Judy Weis

Advances in science uncover wonders that transform our lives and deepen our understanding of humanity, life, and the world around us. Science literacy is the key that opens doors to the extraordinary beauty of our natural world.

This course will explore various pathways of scientific inquiry, their impacts and limits, and highlight some of the men and women responsible for groundbreaking research. Presenters ill strive to communicate in a way that all can understand.

B WEEK / TUES / 10:30am to 12:00pm

Spring 2022 Class Schedule: Science and Scientists




Feb 08

Jim Brook

Isaac Newton

Feb 22

Judy Weis


Mar 08

Steve Allen

David Graeber and Anarchist Anthropology

Mar 22

David Bernard

Development and Testing of New Drugs

Apr 05

Brian Bosworth

Living With Climate Change

Apr 26

Brian Bosworth

Slowing, Stopping, Reversing, Climate Change

May 10

Pete Weis

Regeneration of Organs

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