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Spring 2021 Combined Schedule

Click Here for the Spring 2021 Combined Schedule

But first please read the instructions below.

What is the Combined Schedule?

The schedule linked above has been developed in addition to the weekly NWAQ (Next Week at Quest) schedule that you receive each Friday during the semester via email. Each NWAQ contains the class schedule for the following week, with complete and up-to-date information about the specific topics being presented, along with the names of presenters, discussion leaders, and class coordinators.

This combined schedule, on the other hand, covers the full spring 2021 semester and contains no information other than the course name, day and time, and the registration link you need to join the class. It is designed for those who wish to plan Quest class attendance for weeks or even months ahead of time.

How Do I Use the Schedule?

Click on any class title in the schedule to register for that webinar or meeting. You will immediately receive a registration invitation. Click on the down arrow in the Time window of your invitation, and all meeting dates for the semester are listed. You can choose any date to register for that particular session. You will immediately receive a Meeting Registration Approval, which contains the link to the Zoom session that you need to enter the class.

You can, if you wish, click on “Add to calendar,” just under the time and date on the form, and the Zoom link will be inserted in your personal calendar at the appropriate time and date. Be sure to choose the correct calendar for your system. If you are using a Windows or MacOS device, choose the Outlook Calendar (.ics). The other two choices are specific to Google and Yahoo.

When the class time arrives, click on the link in your calendar and enter the Zoom session. You can, of course, save links anywhere, in a Word or Excel document for example, and use those links when the class time arrives. You can also use the semester schedule to register and enter a class anytime, even at the last minute before the start of the session.

Important Note

Keep in mind that there is no way to register for an entire semester’s course, but rather you must register separately for each session of that course that you wish to attend, whether it is a webinar (presentation) or meeting (discussion). You can register for each session of a course at one time, as described in the first paragraph under “How Do I Use the Schedule?” and you will receive the same Zoom link for all the sessions of that course.