Hybrid Classroom Instructions

1. Power Up

First turn on the podium master switch, which, if you are standing behind the podium, is located on the lower right-hand side.

Next, activate the touch pad. Slide the glass cover to the left, press the button on the left side, and the touch pad will pop up. To activate it just touch the screen.

Note that the touch pad controls several devices in the room. The devices important to us are

  • The built-in PC
  • The Projector

The podium also contains a built-in microphone, which has its own on/off switch, and is not controlled from the touch pad. It has two controls:

  • An on-off switch located on its base
  • A volume control, which is the lower of the two buttons under the keyboard, to the right side

Note that the VCR, the DVD player, and the microphone turn on automatically when you turn the podium master switch on.

Continue by touching “Built-in PC” on the touch pad and then turning on the PC by pressing the button on the top-left corner of the the device and allowing it to boot up.

Login to the podium computer:

Username   .\cwe
Password   25broadway

If the presentation file is on a flash drive, insert the drive into the USB port located in the right-hand corner at the top of the podium. Download the presentation to the desktop by opening the flash drive in File Explorer and dragging the presentation file to the desktop. You can also save the file to another folder using “Save as …”

Eject the flash drive by clicking on the caret on the right-hand side of the lower toolbar, then clicking on the mouse icon, and finally by following the prompt to safely eject the flash drive. This procedure prevents the corruption of its contents.

Turn on the overhead projector in the auditorium by using the separate remote, and in the classrooms by holding down the “projector on/off” button on the touch pad. Lower the projection screen in the front of the room. (The classroom screens are pull downs, in the auditorium use the switch located on your left side of the stage.)

The built-in computer monitor is mirrored to the projector, so what you see on the monitor is projected onto the big screen in the front of the room.

We discourage presenters from using external media (DVDs and CDs) in their presentations, but rather encourage them to use embedded media (YouTube or other streaming services).

If a presenter does use a DVD or CD, it is easiest to use the PC’s DVD drive. Push the drive’s front button and the drive will open. Then insert the CD or DVD and close by pressing the button again or by gently pushing the tray in.

You can use the DVD player that is built into the podium, which is controlled from the touch pad. Just tap “DVD Player” and the controls will appear.

2. Configure Zoom and PowerPoint Windows

The two side panels in the room in which you are working must be turned on either by using the side-panel remote, or by pressing the on switch, in the back, on the lower left-hand side of each device.

The side panels in the two hybrid classrooms and the auditorium must be configured as second monitors. To do this, press the Windows Key+p on the keyboard. A menu of four choices comes up: “PC screen only,” “Duplicate,” “Extend,” “Second screen only.” You must choose “Extend.” Both side monitors show exactly the same thing.

Activate the PowerPoint presentation by double clicking on its icon on the desktop. In PowerPoint, on the Slide Show tab, make sure that “Use Presenter View” is NOT checked off.

Login to Zoom and start the class meeting. Click on Share Screen, and choose only the window in which PowerPoint is running. Be sure to check Share Sound and uncheck Optimize for video clips at the bottom of the screen, and then click on Share, in the bottom right of the window. Drag the Zoom window to the side monitor. Maximize the PowerPoint window and put PowerPoint in reader mode.

After you have shared the screen, the presenter can begin his or her slideshow. On the podium monitor and the projector screen you will see the presentation slides and the presenter will be able to operate them using the arrow keys on the keyboard. On the side screens, you will be able to see all Zoom participants’ video feeds, the participant list, and the chat.

When a class ends, power down the podium as instructed below and turn off the side panels, either by using the remote or by pressing the on/off button on the lower left-hand side of each device.

3. Power Down

When the class ends, you must turn off the podium as follows:

  • First, shut off the overhead projector by touching the “projector on/off” button on the touch pad in the classroom or by pressing “Standby” on the remote in the auditorium.
  • If a flash drive is still mounted, eject it by clicking on the caret on the right-hand side of the lower toolbar, then clicking on the mouse icon, and finally following the prompt to safely eject the flash drive.
  • Remove any CD or DVD you have used.
  • Shut down the computer by clicking on the “start” icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then click on “Power,” then “Shut-down.”
  • Turn off the master podium switch.
  • Return the touch pad by pushing it back down using the bar on its right-hand side. Then slide the glass cover back to the right. You do NOT turn off the touch pad; it will “go to sleep” by itself.
  • The side screens will power down by themselves once they stop receiving a signal.