Membership Committee – Test

As the name suggests, the volunteers who serve on Quest’s Membership Committee are responsible for interviewing all prospective Quest members, as well as attending Senior Resource Fairs (sponsored by various government agencies) and other similar events held in New York City.

Quest is always seeking new members who have interests similar to ours, and we encourage you to introduce your “friends and relatives” to one of our committee members. We would be happy to arrange a visit, at which time one (or more) of us will conduct an interview, arrange a tour of our facilities, explain in detail the activities at Quest, and invite them to attend one (or more) of our classes.

Click here for more information. So doing will ensure that prospective members will understand what makes Quest the unique lifelong learning community that it is, and how they may participate in some of the many activities that we offer.

Committee members are: Nan McNamara (Chair), Donna Ramer (Vice Chair), David Judlowitz, Steve Rubin, and Michael Wellner.