Fall 2021 Schedule / Literature

These courses are offered by the Quest Lifelong Learning Community. For more information on Quest, see the links at the bottom of this page.


Coordinators: Donna Ramer, Sheryl Harawitz, Mary Ann Donnelly

Myths are more than mere stories, they are sacred, timeless tales that guide us to understand how cultural norms and values were established.

As mere mortals, we will first delve into the psychology of mythology then look through the eyes of the Titans, Tricksters, and Warrior Gods; Mother Gods; the Gods of Sensuality, Nature, Luck, Underworld and Afterlife; as well as myriad other gods and goddesses of cultures around the world.


Coordinators: Art Spar, Roy Clary, Mary Ann Donnelly, Sheryl Harawitz

In a fun, creative, and supportive environment, poetry will come alive as participants read it aloud and interpret it. Class leaders will introduce an engaging list of poets. Study topics will include meter, rhyme, alliteration, and other prosodic elements that influence a poem’s “sound meaning” as we explore how to enrich a poem by reading it aloud.


Coordinators: Judy Winn, Helen Neilson, Helen Saffran

The focus is on reading aloud and sharing your own poems in a supportive environment, where you’ll get detailed feedback. You are encouraged to experiment, to explore language, and to address all aspects of the craft in order to develop your own distinctive style and voice.


Coordinators: Roy Clary, Jim Brook

The class will read aloud and discuss A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is a delightful comedy filled with exquisitely lyrical verse, a diverse cast of characters, and fairy magic. The play unfolds through an elaborate plot that combines four groups of individuals in artful, imaginative, and fun ways. The Folger Library Edition is the preferred text.