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Q Review


Q REVIEW – Quest’s Annual Literary Journal

QUEST’S Q REVIEW, our annual literary journal, is extraordinary for its

high-quality offerings, the results of our members’ creative side — fiction,

non-fiction, poetry and art, many of whom never have published before.  It

has been our experience that upon retirement, a new burst of creativity

occurs.  Perhaps it’s the release from the daily workplace grind.  Or, the

thought of reordering one’s life to considerations that were abandoned when

we were gainfully employed.  We want to take up skills that lay dormant and

enjoy the discovery of becoming proficient in other fields. Submissions are

evaluated by an editorial board prior to publication in the Q REVIEW each


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QUEST has workshops in composing poems and prose writing, along with a

life drawing class.  Coming together, we listen to the literary pieces that

reflect our lifetime experience, get help in improving our output and develop

confidence at the task. And participation in these workshops often leads to

submissions to the Q REVIEW.


Coordinators:  Hilda Feinstein, Donna Rubens, Helen Saffran

Members read aloud their original short stories, memoirs, essays and poems

to which the class reacts and offers suggestions for improvement. The

critiques are supportive to both seasoned writers and beginners and are

intended to develop and encourage writing skills.


Coordinators: Helen Neilson, Trudy Owett, Judy Winn

The focus is on reading aloud and sharing your own poems in a supportive

environment where you’ll get detailed feedback. You are encouraged to

experiment, to explore language, and to address all aspects of the craft in

order to develop your own distinctive style and voice.


The Literary and Art Review of Quest

Editor in Chief – Wayne Cotter

Technical Editor – Doreen De Martini

Prose Editor – Martha Drezin

Asst. Prose Editor – Penelope Pi-Sunyer

Poetry Editor – Mary Ann Donnelly

Asst. Poetry Editor – Trudy Owett

Art Editor – Paul Adler

Art Editor Emeritus – Lila Heilbrunn

Asst. Art Editors – Diane Figueroa, Pam Gemelli

Editorial Board – Hilda Feinstein, Helen Saffran

Ruth Ward, Judy Winn